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             Changzhou City Jia Connaught Granulator Drying Equipment Factory China drying, granulating professional enterprise. Located in beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, known as’ China’s dry town ’south of the Yangtze River Water - Coke Town.

             Venture Factory Over the years, the constant effort to dry granulation industry innovation, design and manufacturing and services. Particularly in regard to Granulator more extraordinary strength. And in strict accordance with the ’GMP’ standard organization of production, develop new technologies, new products. Now has eight categories, more than 100 species of granulating, drying equipment products. Is the domestic and foreign merchants to choose the scope of most manufacturers.

             "Connaught good" products with good quality, outstanding reputation, perfect after-sales service, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile, light industry, metallurgy, food, heavy industry, mining industry’s market share continues to rise, become Science and Technology Commission, the recommendation of provincial and municipal products. We are guided by truth-seeking, innovation, mutual benefit principle, all parties are willing to join hands to create brilliant.


        Address: JiaoXi town, changzhou, jiangsu province, China
        Telephone: 0519-88903789 88900928
        Fax: 0519-88900928
        Website: http://www.slotsonlinem.com
        Zip code: 213116
        Contact person: Mr Gu
        Phone: 13951227837

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