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        Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the production of material viscosity, temperature and bulk densit

        Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new type of dryer drying in one of the mixed -. Condenser, vacuum pump and vacuum drying device composed of dryer supporting. (such as the solvent to be recovered, the condenser can not) this machine has advanced design, simple internal structure, easy cleaning, the material can be fully discharged, simple operation. It can reduce labor intensity improve working environment. At the same time because the container itself rotary material material also rotates but the container does not accumulate material, the heat transfer coefficient is higher, the drying rate is high, not only to save energy, and even drying of the material fully, good quality. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical materials, food, dyestuff industry drying. To meet the requirements of drug management standard "GMP".
          Rotary tank SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer body is a double conical liner adopt stainless steel or carbon steel, glass lined (made of industrial enamel). The jacket into the hot water or steam, for the inner heating, heat conduction through the wall of the inner liner to the wet material, make water wet gasification in material, water continuously through the suction pipe is pumped out, the tank body is in a vacuum state, to speed up the drying rate. Low speed rotary tank, material continuously, inside and outside turning replacement of heating surface, and ultimately achieve the purpose of drying uniformity.
          Double cone rotary vacuum dryer uses:
          Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries such as powder, granular materials, vacuum drying and mixing, especially has the following requirements of material:
          1, can not accept the high temperature of heat sensitive materials; 2, easy oxidation, dangerous material; 3, the solvent to be recovered and toxic gas material; 4, the residual volatile matter content requires extremely low material requirements; 5, sufficient mixing, homogeneous material.
          Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the production of material viscosity, temperature and bulk density have certain requirements
          Viscosity with material moisture and changes in viscosity can make aggregation and adhesion material block, cylinder wall, dry easily adhesion in the dust collector and the pipe wall. Can use pneumatic rapping and breaking device. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer allowable temperature is the highest temperature of the material can withstand. Over this temperature, will cause the material change, damage or discoloration decomposition titer. With the material of different physical properties, select the appropriate temperature. Usually use variable temperature drying method, drying temperature is low in the early, gradually raising the temperature, in order to increase the rate of drying. Start pumping vacuum and heating, drying speed is slow, when the material is heated to a temperature above the vaporization of water, the drying speed will suddenly accelerated, the material in the allowed temperature range is heated to the vaporization temperature under corresponding pressure and a large number of vaporization, then the material temperature is maintained constant, adding heat for heat of vaporization and the heat loss vacuum system is continuously discharged, vaporization of steam, keep the evaporation surface and the space of the pressure difference, the drying continued. Content is reduced to a certain extent, decreased from evaporated moisture in material, unchanged in the amount of heating conditions, the material temperature began to rise, the evaporation surface and spatial differential pressure decreases, drying into the deceleration stage. The drying rate decreased gradually, until the zero. Unit volume of material quality called bulk density. Because the material is dry mixture materials and wet, dry material often for granular, powder or solid bulk material, and with the material moisture in different cause dry gap between material particles are also different. There is a great difference between the bulk density and original material wet material drying process, the choice of double cone rotary vacuum dryer should be noted.
          Stacked granular or powdery materials, when the material pile inclined surface and the bottom surface of the angle between the increases to a certain angle, the side sliding down the phenomenon occurrence of material. The angle between the inclined surface and the bottom surface of the slide the materials occur said the material slip angle. Slip angle and the material composition, moisture content, particle size and viscosity related. The choice of double cone dryer, reference materials can slip angle, cone angle size selection.
          Although the rotation speed double cone rotary vacuum dryer cylinder more quickly, the drying rate is higher. But in the initial drying stage, if the rotating speed faster, it is easy to make materials bonded into a group phenomenon, therefore, use low speed in the initial drying stage, when the material surface is dry in the increase of rotational speed of the cylinder body. Late stage of drying, with decreasing the moisture of material, speed of rotation should also be appropriate to reduce, at this time, improve the speed to improve drying rate useless. Therefore, in the process of drying the staff should at any time according to the situation of material control.
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