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        Dry granulator, use in the pharmaceutical industry of agricultural

        Granular drug is not strange for people, usually when a cold or ill health, will see their shadow. Although medicine is a not a recession of the industry, but there are many competitors, consumers on product requirements are constantly improve, the drug failed to improve how to get development. And in the granular drug production process, granulator is very important, especially the dry granulating machine, it meets the requirements of products.
          Dry granulating machine has been in development for several generations, to which this generation has already obtained the optimization and improvement of great. Particulate drug using the granulating machine made, can meet the requirements of the product market for now. Dry granulating machine can realize one step granulating requirements, the processing of many links together, and processed completely closed. Thus, the resulting particulate drug can reduce the risk of contamination, meet the requirement of clean drug users. The use of particulate drug dry granulation processing out, improved in appearance, can also facilitate storage and transportation. The device can control the solubility of drug, porosity and specific surface area, no matter from which a hand, the equipment was improved to make drugs.
          Dry granulating machine is generally used in the production and processing of particulate drug, it can fully meet the requirements of the drug. If you will be so advanced equipment used in the production of feed processing products, whether can have an amazing effect? Next, this article is for everyone to analyze. Dry feed granulators using production, obtained the following advantages:
          1, more likely to eat more healthy animal. Will be a variety of nutrition material scientific ratio, with the process of dry granulator after feed products, produce particles. The feed nutrition comprehensive, animal no longer picky eaters, because as long as a feed contains all the nutrients.
          2, to get the maximum use of feed resources. When using dry granulating machine, it can carry out comprehensive effect on moisture, temperature and pressure, make feed occurrence of some physical and chemical reaction. In this process, rarely waste of material resources, let it get the maximum utilization.
          3, storage, transportation and more economy. Will feed through the production of dry granulator later, raise feed strength, reduces the volume of feed. In storage and transportation time, can reduce the amount of storage space is very significant, and saves the cost of transport.
          4, to feed the disinfection. Using the granulating machine production of feed, can also carry out disinfection to ensure the health of this, feed.
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