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        With the process and results of dry granulating machine dry granulating production process

        Dry granulating machine technology, innovation is a great strategy granulation technology, this model realizes the dealer and the approval of granular material pig farms into granular feed processing plant, save many intermediate links, reduce a lot of intermediate cost. For example: transportation costs, marketing costs, processing costs, enhance the competitiveness of its own terminal.
          Dry granulating machine dry granulation technology in high pressure granulating method of granulation process, the powder is by applying external force and pressed into dense state in limited space. Produce a stable reunion force floc bridging force, low viscosity liquid adhesive force, surface force and mutual attraction. Reunion operation success, one hand depends on the effective use of applied force and transfer, physical properties and it also depends on the particle material.
          Particle shape refers to a particle boundary or on the surface of formed image. Particle shape directly affect other properties of powders, such as liquidity, filling and so on, but also directly behavior and particles in mixing, storage, transportation, etc. in the process of sintering unit concerned. In the project, according to the different purposes of usage, people shape of the particles have different requirements. For example: high speed dry pressing method of wall and floor tiles in the mold filling of powder, requirements quickly, smooth exhaust, so the spherical particle is appropriate; concrete aggregate is required to fill high structural strength and tight, so the gravel shape hope is a regular polyhedron. In turn, the particle shape is different because of different forming process and sheet products, for example, simple swing type jaw crusher the opportunity to produce more; powder prepared by spray drying is more spherical particles. Therefore, we will describe the various particle shapes need quantitative, to show the difference.
          On the other hand, in theoretical research and industrial practice, assume that tend to be irregularly shaped particles were spherical, in order to facilitate the calculation of particle diameter, the experimental results are also easy to reproduce. Because of this, thus becoming the theoretical calculation with the actual situation in and out of one of the main reasons why the great. So the general coefficient particle size multiplied by the relevant theoretical formula representation of shape effect of modified.
          Dry granulating machine technology through the drum flat pressing pelleter completed. Chinese herbs with certain relative density of extract, the spray drying to obtain dry extract powder, add some accessories, to squeeze dry granulating machine pressed into thin slices, and then crushed into particles. The method needs less auxiliary material and is conducive to improve the particle stability, disintegration and dissolution. General dry extract powder and accessories can be 0.5-1 times. Should pay attention to but also by spray drying, dry extract hygroscopicity strong. Therefore, the application of critical application of the proposed method is to find appropriate accessories, accessories should have certain adhesion, and is not easy to absorb moisture, such as lactose, pregelatinized starch, mannitol, water soluble acrylic resin and cellulose derivative. Dry granulating machine technology is mainly particle state change the material, increase the fluidity of the material, improving the compressible material. Some powder flow, pressure is not too good, direct compression is difficult, we must first be granulation. Can be used to direct compression for good fluidity and compressibility fine powder.
          Dry granulator granulation technology is a new technology in recent years, the current widespread use of rotary dry press or roller flat pressing pelleter completed. The utility model has the advantages of adding proper amount of supplementary material is in the traditional Chinese medicine extract powder, can be directly granulation, without wet, mixing, drying and other processes. The process is simple, can effectively ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. Technology development: in recent years, researchers in different preparations of the successful development of pregelatinized starch, mannitol, lactose, water soluble acrylic resin and cellulose derivatives and other accessories, and many experiments were carried out in dry extract and auxiliary materials, proportioning, with good results. More quality detection, analysis and testing, chemical metrology, standard substance related technical data please refer to national standard substances such as production continued spring granule, firstly the leaching solution by spray drying, dry extract powder, containing 10% low substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose (L-HPC) of 80% alcohol solution as adhesive to extract powder: Bifidobacterium sugar: Starch is 10: 3: 2 ratio inside granulator mixing, can obtain the uniform size and sweetness suitable particles, moisture content is reduced greatly, solve the dry extract powder moisture strong, easy absorption of moisture deficiency, won the high concentration and low amount of auxiliary materials, low sugar granules. Technical staff of isatis root granules dry pressing granulation process factors such as temperature, extract powder moisture content, adding supplementary material quantity by orthogonal experiment method were studied, results showed that: in the influence on the granulating process, the dosage of adjuvant > > process to extract moisture temperature. Technical staff through the experiment to determine the optimal process parameters: adding auxiliary dextrin content is 9%, the water content of extract powder is 4% and the requirement of process temperature is 20 C.
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