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      1. The granulation process and production process and equipment characteristics of dry granulator.

        Dry granulator granulation process from the dry material from the top equipment add start, degassing, spiral pre pressing enter to roll in roll extrusion pressure, greatly make the material to produce plastic deformation and compressed into sheets. Sheet material after crushing, whole grain, screening process, granular products. Extrusion pressure size can be adjusted by the hydraulic cylinder according to the need of pelleting operation. Different pressure settings can be finished granules of different intensity. Dry granulating machine is the use of crystal water in material, directly to the new devices made of powder particles. This machine is novel and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, convenient cleaning and repair. The mechanism of the particles can be compressed tablet, granule filling capsules do, etc.. This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries granulating.
          Dry granulating machine is a new kind of granulating process following the traditional wet mixing granulation developed. Dry granulating machine is the use of water of crystallization of the material itself, by mechanical extrusion directly a granulating process compression molding - crushing - granulation of raw powder.
          Dry granulating machine features:
          1, the material by mechanical pressure forced compression molding, does not add any wetting agent, the purity of the product is guaranteed.
          2, the technological process is short, low energy consumption, less auxiliary equipment and personnel allocation.
          3, dry granulator granulation powder directly, without the need for subsequent drying process.
          4, particle high intensity, bulk specific gravity higher than other method of granulation is more remarkable.
          5, operating flexibility, adapt to a wide range of strength of particle size can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure.
          6, system of closed cycle operation, implementing continuous production.
          Dry granulating machine as one of the most main branch powder process, along with the demand of environmental protection and improve the production process automation, its importance. "Powdery granular products" has become an inevitable trend of powder after treatment technology. Dry rolling granulator has the advantages of low energy consumption, no need of adding adhesive, low investment, wide range of ability to process characteristics. The strength of processing of particles on the powder product, its significance is mainly reflected in three aspects:
          (1) to reduce dust pollution, improve working conditions of operation.
          (2) dry granulating machine meet the requirements of the production process, such as increasing the porosity and specific surface area and improve heat transfer etc..
          (3) improve the physical properties of products (such as liquidity, permeability, bulk density) to avoid the subsequent operation process (drying, sieving, measurement) and the use of the process (metering and dispensing) adverse effect of segregation, pulsation, caking, bridge etc.. In order to improve the automation of production and use of the process, to create the conditions of sealing operation.
          Dry granulating relates to various active pharmaceutical raw materials and processing one or more excipients, these raw material medicine was mostly fine powder, and the powder particle size is different and uneven density, flowability and easy molding. Therefore, must go through a key granulation process, in order to carry out the next tablet, capsule filling or API directly packaging in the form of particles.
          There are 3 main types of granulation process and the current of dry granulator:
          1, the traditional wet granulation is mixed first groove into the wet mixture "soft wood, dry granulator and then through the swing mechanism of particle particle. At present, this method is still used by some manufacturers of such equipment, but the existence of mixed uneven, the cleaning is not clean, bad sealing and oil leakage problems.
          2, wet mixing and granulating of high shear mixer granulator, dry granulating machine he used laboratory mixing paddle will powder and adhesive mixed wettability of soft material, and by the high speed crushing knife cut into wet "soft wood particle, at present the method has been widely used. The equipment and process imperfections need lots of adhesives, cleaning the produced sewage pollution to environment. In addition, the prepared wet particle mesh wide distribution and not uniform, fine powder, generally used for pressing goods capsule filling.
          3, a step in this process is the boiling granulating spray technology and streaming the integrated use of technology, dry granulating machine makes the traditional mixing, granulation, drying process in the same sealed container, a complete. Similarly, adhesive, its equipment and process a great deal, cleaning is required after the sewage treatment, and granulating time too long.
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