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        Double cone rotary vacuum dryer strict requirements on materials, superior performance

        Double cone rotary vacuum drying machine is widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection research and application fields, for dry powder, baking and all kinds of glass container disinfection and sterilization with. Particularly suitable for dry disposal of fast and efficient for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized substance and complexity of the component items. For is not easy to dry samples, such as powder or other granular samples, the use of vacuum drying method can effectively shorten the drying time, mechanical parts and all kinds of complicated structure or other porous samples after cleaning the use of vacuum drying method, leaving no residual material completely dry. The use of the most important safer, vacuum or inert conditions, completely eliminate the oxide heat may be an explosion, and the powder equipment, compared with the normal drying depended on air cycle, the powder sample is not flowing air blows or mobile.
          Rotary vacuum dryer and material double cone intimate contact parts must be non-toxic, corrosion resistance, no chemical reaction with drugs and not drugs generate adsorption force, to be equipped with the texture of the material document for proof. Direct contact with the material within the equipment and parts surface to smooth, easy disinfection, cleaning to do. Living machine transmission parts and the outer surface of the pot with a stainless steel plate package, no concave convex faults smoothing. Lubrication can not drive parts of the oil leakage. Stainless steel plate should be consistent with the "hot rolled stainless steel sheets and strips" that the requirements of the national standard
          Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is sensitive, reliable operating system; drive system without jamming phenomenon and abnormal sound, smooth rotation of the tank. Running noise less than 85 decibels.
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