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      1. Pigment special fabrication process of belt drier and purchase points

           Pigment special belt dryer by pre forming machine, automatic material spreading device and special belt drying machine which. When dry, the material first by pre forming mechanism into granular, again by the feeding device of automatic spread evenly in the network with, along with moving mesh belt, the material by hot air shower and to achieve the purpose of drying. Pigment belt dryer is suitable for pigment, dyes and other paste, paste material drying, can also be used for polymer, iron oxide, ferrite, fluorspar, fertilizer, feed and various granular, flake material drying.
          Pigment special belt dryer unique structure, placed on the side of the radiator, air distributing plate with hole plate form, wind uniform. According to the characteristics of dye dry and easy to pollution, as far as possible to reduce the dead angle, cleaning is very convenient.
          Pigment special belt dryer with high yield, good quality, pre forming machine material can be processed into a cylindrical shape or strip, granular geometry, increases the heating area, improves the drying efficiency, while avoiding the adverse factors caused by material viscosity, realize the continuous production of large quantities of.
          Pigment special belt dryer automatic control, to ensure stable temperature drying, automatic control, and according to the optimum drying temperature temperature materials needed at different drying stages set in each stage of the. The transmission speed is stepless speed regulation, can easily control the material drying time, ensure the quality of products.
          Belt type dryer for permeable sheet, strip, and the better part of granular paste material drying. Some also can be the material for baking, burning into mature processing operation. Belt type drier has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, long time operation. When a fault occurs can also enter the box body for convenient maintenance, repair.
          Purchase must sample test for drying materials paint special belt drier, this is very important. So for equipment suppliers of its material testing equipment and experienced personnel is to measure real customer sample maker ability of the most direct way. Qualified belt dryer manufacturers generally in the material after the test can provide a to customers in the most short time: material actual evaporation, drying, vacuum drying dynamic temperature distribution, feeding size, the actual drying time, the actual production capacity, unit energy consumption and consumption ratio and other technical parameters of the report, the convenience of customers choose to meet the equipment models and specifications according to the requirements of production. Design level must investigate manufacturers and manufacturing ability. Manufacturers usually based on material test report according to the production targets and conditions of customers to provide a technical design draft and design reasons of the scheme with the statement. The technical design scheme is evaluated manufacturer in vacuum belt dryer manufacturing capacity is extremely important part, especially the design of key technology for equipment manufacturers such as Description: vacuum system design, heating system design, error correction system design, cleaning system design and feeding, discharging system design etc..
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