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        Due to the dry granulating machine is improved, improve equipment performance

        Dry granulating machine feeding structure to the decisive role of dry rolling sheet effect of the drug on. The feeding system generally adopts special screw with unequal direct feed, can give the pre pressure feed screw certain in the feeding process, which ensures the pressing material hardness and thickness of the sheet, drug pressure out of reach the requirement.
          The key of dry granulator granulation system is the rolling alloy sheet formed by crushing, granulating, demanding uniformity and high rate of finished products of particles, the first sheet material crushing, then granulating drum rotary rolling to screen. Can greatly improve the production efficiency. Dry granulating machine can according to customer's material properties are different, choose the granulating knife from different angles, such as viscous friction materials, materials with larger or smaller material, can not choose the same angle cutter, so the granulating process, to ensure that the material flow, solves the material not granulation process to turn up, rolling, with the switch phenomenon.
          Based on the original laboratory dry granulator dry granulators, pressing wheel is equipped with water cooling device, to ensure that customers in the continuous test, constant temperature, to ensure the material properties. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, convenient operation. Improved dry granulating machine knife: if the granulating knives and knife into a whole, so that when the tool wear or mesh deformation, can not be adjusted between the blade and the screen distance, if the cutter is made adjustable, in the work process, the extrusion to produce large resistance, easy backwards, and the fixed cutter and cutter because of the heat of the screw loosening, knife easy up and down and moved to the front, so that the distance between the blade and the screen is bigger, this material would have been with the knife, discharge is not easy, will reduce production, our company production of granulating knives and knife adopts the special processing technology. The bolt of the bearing force into the granulating knives and knife, this knife will not be returned, and the screw is not easy to loose, and adjust the cutter is convenient, can have a reference regulation.
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