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      1. The production process and characteristics of the use of special dry granulator pigment

        Pigment that can make the object color material. Pigment is soluble and insoluble, inorganic and organic difference. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, know very early human use of inorganic pigments, the use of colored soil and ore, painting and painting the body in the rock. Organic pigments are normally derived from plants and marine animals, such as alizarin blue, Garcinia and ancient Rome extracted from shellfish purple.
        Material by pigment special dry granulation of mechanical pressure forced compression molding, can not add any wetting agent, the purity of the product is guaranteed. Dry powder direct granulation, without further drying process, more conducive to the existing production process connection and transformation. Various dry powder from the top equipment to join, degassing, screw preloading into two equal roller, roller relative rotation between material is forced into the two roller, roller materials will bite into the roll gap is compressed, the material through the compression zone, natural prolapse of surface tension and gravity material making. Prolapse after the fingers into the granulator by clumps of rotating knife row broken, broken material into the granulator by rolling cutter row into the rotary vibration sieve screening particles and part of powder material. The qualified product was sent to the finished product warehouse through conveyor. Non conforming material through the conveyor was again returned to the raw material bin two times rolling, extrusion pressure size can be adjusted by hydraulic cylinder according to the need of pelleting operation. By changing the roll surface can be slotted form, sheet, strip, flat ball materials.
        Particle high intensity, bulk specific gravity is higher than that of other method of granulation is more remarkable. Especially suitable for increasing the mass density of product.
        Pigment special dry granulating machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient repair, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low failure rate, the application range is wide, roller pressure can freely according to the adjustment of different materials. Feeding and the feeding device adopts frequency conversion stepless speed control, high degree of automation, a person can achieve multi machine control, labor intensity is low and can be long-term continuous operation etc..
        Pigment special dry granulator main driving parts are made of high quality alloy material, stainless steel, titanium, chromium and other surface alloy production, greatly increased wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, so that the pigment special dry granulating machine has a long service life. Can control the pollution of the environment, reduce the wasted powder and packaging costs, improve product transport capacity.
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