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      1. CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven

         Product Overview:
        CT-C series of hot air circulation oven with low noise with high temperature axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system, the circulatory system completely closed so that the thermal efficiency of oven traditional Drying-house from 3-7% to the current 35% to 45% The maximum thermal efficiency up to 50%. CT-C hot air circulation oven design success, and made China's hot air circulating oven at home and abroad to achieve the advanced level. China's saving a huge amount of energy, increase the economic efficiency of enterprises. 1990 issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the standards of conduct, unified model for RXH.

        Applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, Heavy industries, such as heating materials and products curing, drying dehydration. Raw materials such as medicine, health medicine, Chinese medicine Pieces, extract, powder, granules, granules, Shuiwan, bottles, paint dyes, dehydrated vegetables, melons and other fruits dry sausage, plastic resins, electrical components, such as Hongqi.

        Heating steam heat, electricity, and far-infrared, gas, dual-use for users to choose
        Temperature: 50-130 ℃ steam heating, the maximum 140 ℃
        Electricity, far infrared temperature 50-300 ℃, supporting computer-controlled systems or control systems for users to choose
        Common steam pressure 0.2-0.8 mpa (2-8kg/cm2)
        Heating with electricity on a calculation of 15 kw, practical 5-8 kw / h
        Special orders at the request
        Non-standard price of oven -
        ℃ temperature greater than 140 or less than 60 ℃, it is necessary to specify when ordering
        Our pre-baked cars, bake-size reunification, interchangeable
        Bake-Size: 460 X640X45mm

        Most of hot air circulating in the box, high thermal efficiency, energy conservation. Use mandatory ventilation role of the box with adjustable wind-board, uniform materials drying, heat can be steam, hot water, electricity, and far-infrared, and a wide choice. Complete machine noise, the running balance. Temperature-controlled, easy to install and maintain. Apply a wide range of different kinds of materials can be drying, drying equipment is common.




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