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      1. GK Series Dry Granulator

          1. It is a noodle powder particles directly to the new equipment. It reasonable novel structure. Stable and reliable performance. Cleaning easy maintenance.
          2. It can be made of particle pressure tablets. Chongji do. Reperfusion capsules. It mainly used in pharmaceutical. Food. Granulation, chemical and other industries. Especially suitable for wet granulation of materials can not be resolved.
          1. Medicine: particles tableting. Capsule filler particles, such as
          2. Food: Food for manufacturing particles. Seasonings particles
          3. Plastic: various plastic forming particles 4. Chemical: catalyst. Paint. Lotion and other chemical raw materials such as particle
          1. Dry uniform particle density. Good solubility. Granule rate.
          2. Special feeding structure. To ensure the effective feed.
          3. Roll cooling water. To ensure that materials will not be the phenomenon of sticky roller.
          4. Do not need to water or wetting agent, such as ethanol. No need for secondary help drying. Processes less. Ergonomic high. Low cost.
          5. The use of advanced electro-hydraulic. A simple and reliable operation. A high degree of automation.
          6. Sealed clean operation. To meet the health requirements of drugs. Especially suitable for wet granulation of materials can not be resolved.

        生產能力 20-60 30-100
        料斗容積 3 5
        軋輥尺寸 200(D)×80(W) 200(D)×120(W)
        軋輥最大預壓力 10 15
        軋輥轉速 (可調) (可調)
        送料速度 (可調) (可調)
        輥輪驅動電機 4 7.5
        送料驅動電機 1.5 2.2
        驅動電機 0.75 2.2
        油泵驅動電機   1.1
        輥輪及送料速度調節型式 電磁調速 電磁調速


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